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  • MORGAN LANDER Says 'It Wouldn't Feel Right' To Make New KITTIE Album Without Late Bassist
    Morgan Lander says that "it wouldn't feel right" to make a new KITTIE album without the band's late bassist Trish Doan. After the London, Ontario, Canada-based metallers completed the touring cycle for 2011's "I've Failed You" album, KITTIE entered a long period of inactivity during which the guitarist/vocalist focused on a marketing job for a chain of fitness clubs, while her sister, drummer Mercedes Lander, worked in real estate. The group also began work on a career-spanning documentary, "Origins/Evolutions", which finally saw the light of day last year via Lightyear Entertainment in North America. Asked by "Talk Toomey" in an interview if there are any plans for KITTIE to release new music at some point in the future, Morgan said (hear audio below): "Well, I wouldn't say 'never say never,' but at this point, a lot of the stuff that we were working on has stagnated. "We were, for a number of years, leading up to the release of the documentary, signed to eOne," she continued. "And we no longer are actually signed to eOne anymore, so we are free agents. But we were trying to entice the label, eOne, to put out another album and whatnot, and it just never ended up happening. So, at this point, [we] put the brakes on [working on new music]. Right now, we're working on a lot of legacy projects — obviously, we released the documentary, and there's a live thing coming out as well." Morgan added: "I don't know. There's a part of me that always kind of feels like… To make a new album, it wouldn't feel right because the person that would be playing bass on the album is no longer with us. Ivy [Ivana Vujic, who played bass for KITTIE from 2007 until 2012] had left the band a number of years ago, she started a family, things are different for her now, so I don't think that she would be the right person to wanna do that. I know that she probably would. "For KITTIE and who we were, towards, I guess, the end of this last album cycle — with Tara [McLeod, guitar] and Trish and Mercedes and I — it just doesn't feel right for me [to continue without Trish]. Which is a big part of why maybe I do feel hesitant to do it — because it just doesn't seem right to just do it for the sake of doing it. At this point, I wanna be able to do it because I think it's a lot of fun and I wanna do music with my friends. And it's sad that she is not around to be a part of that." Doan passed away in February 2017. The KITTIE bassist was only 31 years old at the time of her death. Born in Gwangju, South Korea (about 270 kilometers from the capital Seoul), Doan joined KITTIE in 2005 and was in the band for two years before leaving in 2007 and then rejoining in 2012. She can be heard on KITTIE's 2006 EP "Never Again" and the 2007 full-length album "Funeral For Yesterday". In early 2008, it was reported that Doan originally left KITTIE due to the eating disorder anorexia-athletica-nervosa, which she had been struggling with for almost two years. Doan relocated to Australia in 2009 to get a degree and try to surf before returning to Canada in 2011. She apparently moved back to Australia in 2013 and kept an active Twitter account and Facebook page where she frequently posted about her life struggles and battles with depression. "I've Failed You" sold 3,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 178 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • L.A. GUNS Releases Official Statement Regarding Latest Drummer Switch
    L.A. GUNS has released an official statement regarding the departure of drummer Shane Fitzgibbon and addition of Scot Coogan (LITA FORD, ACE FREHLEY, LYNCH MOB, BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION). The group says: "Now that the dust has settled a bit, we wanted to take this opportunity to clear up any misinformation circulating over social media. "Our brother, Shane Thomas Fitzgibbon, has left L.A. GUNS to pursue a wonderful career opportunity that came his way. We totally support his decision to move on to the next chapter in his life, and we couldn't be happier for him. "Shane, you will always be a part of the L.A. GUNS family, and nothing will ever change that. "We also want to take this opportunity to welcome Scot Coogan to the L.A. GUNS family. Scot is an accomplished drummer and vocalist who has played with Tracii [Guns, L.A. GUNS guitarist] in BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, as well as Ace Frehley and Lita Ford, among others. We are excited and fortunate to have him behind the kit replacing Shane." Fitzgibbon said in a statement: "Sorry about my ridiculously abrupt departure. I have been working with some people part time in the off season that took a real liking to me and made me a life-changing offer that if I didn't take I would have potentially regretted for the rest of my life. "To the band: we fucking rule as a band because you all rule individually and I'm confident that the badassery will undoubtedly continue indefinitely. I am so proud to have been a part of this unit and to have made two bad motherfuckin' records with you. This was seriously the most difficult decision I have ever made. I'm pumped that Scot is on board because he is deserving of you guys, and I hope you keep crushing it to infinity and beyond. You're my brothers, and I don't want that to ever change." According to L.A. GUNS frontman Phil Lewis, Fitzgibbon quit the band "for an amazing studio gig building rooms for [producer] Rick Rubin." L.A. GUNS will release its new album, "The Devil You Know", on March 29 via Frontiers Music Srl.

    One door closes, another opens ... Statement from L.A. Guns March 23, 2019, Las Vegas, NV Now that the dust has settled...

    Posted by L.A. GUNS on Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • DAVE MUSTAINE Says He Found Out About CLIFF BURTON's Death 'In A Really Lame Way'
    This past Friday (March 22), MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine took part in a signing at the Heavy Metal booth the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), a Chicago fan convention dedicated to comics, pop culture, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. He was also interviewed by Syfy Wire about MEGADETH's new graphic novel. The 350-page graphic anthology, "Death By Design", features comic book stories inspired by the songs on MEGADETH's 35th-anniversary greatest-hits compilation, "Warheads On Foreheads". Speaking about his songwriting process, Mustaine said (see video below): "Music, for me, is timeless. It just doesn't age. When you write lyrics, depending on what your lyrics are about, I've always tried to write lyrics that were timely and timeless so that they mean the same thing today as they would when I first wrote it. For example, 'Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?' That's a lyric that is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it back in 1983. And believe it or not, that's one of the tracks that didn't make it on to 'Warheads…' because it's been on everything else. So it was one of those tracks that was kind of easy to skip, but…" Asked how long it usually takes him to write a complete song, Mustaine said: "I wish there was an average. For me, there's no telling. I've only written one song in one sitting, and that was a song called 'In My Darkest Hour', and that was because someone that I loved very dearly" — referring to METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton — "had perished in a bus accident. And I kind of found out [about] it in a really kind of lame way, because the people that were closest to this friend of mine didn't tell me. I found out through a pretty far removed party. I was really shook up over it. And that came like that. Usually, the songs… the music and the lyrics are totally disconnected, and it's kind of trying to fit 'em all together." MEGADETH, working in close collaboration with Heavy Metal, collected an unprecedented pool of talent for "Death By Design", making it any comic book or MEGADETH fan's dream. Brendan Small (creator of "Metalocalypse") teams with Belen Ortega ("Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") for "Hangar 18". Dan Fogler ("Fantastic Beasts And Where To find Them") writes an apocalyptic tale insanely drawn by Andy Belanger ("Southern Cross") for "Rattlehead". An A-list talent pool rounds out the roster featuring Tim Seeley ("Hack/Slash"), Ben Templesmith ("30 Days Of Night"), Brian Wood ("DMZ"), Justin Jordan and John Bivens ("Spread"), Leah Moore and John Reppion ("Judge Dredd"), Joe Keatingue ("Popgun"), Christine Larsen ("Holy Diver"), Frazier Irving ("Annihilator") and more than 50 other talented creators. "Death By Design" comes in four different editions and will be in comic stores on June 5.

    Not really. I wrote the music the day that he died. The lyrics are about something different.

    — Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) December 1, 2016
  • Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia - MYSTIFIER
    Brazil's bestial barbarians MYSTIFIER have been unwavering in the endless pursuit and exploration of extreme metal darkness for 30 years. Whether it's interesting or trivial depends on who you ask, but the act is arguably best known for its inclusion on the metalcentric soundtrack of Harmony Korine's ragtag-celebrating cult classic film "Gummo". Anecdotal bullet points aside, the South American noise merchants helped establish the continent on the global heavy metal scene—along with the likes of their countrymen in SARCOFAGO and SEPULTURA, and Peru's MORTEM—with their blackened death metal madness years before churches were burning and blood was spilling in Norway. MYSTIFIER now returns with its fifth album: "Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia". The unit's early gems—the 1989 demo "Tormenting the Holy Trinity" or the subsequent early albums "Wicca" (1992), "Göetia" (1993) or "The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here" (1996)—capture the essence of early Brazilian and South American metal: primitive, unhinged, rooted in both classic heavy metal as well as manic punk-fueled thrash. As such, MYSTIFIER is truly amongst the progenitors of the now en vogue, long-running war metal—or bestial black metal—subgenre. Fast forward to 2019, how can a band like MYSTIFIER remain relevant? Complete self-plagiarism of their earliest scripts would actually satiate a significant number of primitive metal worshippers, but it would be creatively fruitless. On the flip side, traveling too far from the early template would alienate their core fanbase as well as abandon the band's true identity. With this in mind, an obvious challenge for a loose, gruff 'n' gritty band carrying forward decades into its career is that it will invariably grow, improve and develop in terms of musicianship and songwriting. MYSTIFIER succeeds with "Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia" because there's a tasteful balance between their growth and ambition, whilst retaining the primitive edge that's fundamental and inherent, ironically enough, to the archetype. On songs like the magnificently epic title cut or the blasting "Soultrap Sorcery of Vengeance"—both tracks enriched with some tasteful Middle Eastern inspired guitar licks—the Brazilians brilliantly strike a balance between a majestic heavy metal quality as well as a sonic assault that's coarse, vile and desirably not over polished. Some may scoff at the Southern blues-flavored, almost groove metal sounding riff predominant on "(Introcucione d'la Melodia Mortuoria) Thanatopraxy", which is genuinely good and somehow makes sense, or the awkward metalcore/deathcore breakdown midway through "Al Nakba (666 days of War)" , but pinpointing flaws on "Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia" ultimately proves to be a fool's errand. MYSTIFIER has put out the best album that it's capable of releasing three decades into its career: a commendable feat, to be sure. A notable who's who of black metal peppers the album in terms of guest appearances, including Jim Mutilator (ex-ROTTING CHRIST and ex-VARATHRON) on the title track and ABSU's Proscriptor McGovern who crafted the intro for "Witching Lycanthropic Moon". But the band's leader is most deserving of acknowledgement. Flanked by relative newcomers Diego Do'Urden (bass, keyboards, vocals) and Eduardo "Warmonger" Amorim (drums), guitarist Beelzeebubth is MYSTIFIER's sole original member. Sure, maintaining a stable lineup hasn't been Beelzeebubth's forte, but an unyielding determination to continually march and wave the flag of dark metal glory most certainly has been.
  • ARMORED SAINT Performs In Athens, Greece (Video) has uploaded video footage of ARMORED SAINT's March 15 performance at the Up The Hammers XIV festival at the Gagarin 205 club in Athens, Greece. Check it out below. Last fall, ARMORED SAINT singer John Bush confirmed to the 96.7 KCAL-FM radio show "Wired In The Empire" that the band has started work on the follow-up to 2015's "Win Hands Down" album. "We have written some songs," he said. "We don't want to wait too long before we put out a record, but on the same token, we thought 'Win Hands Down' is an amazing record and we're going to be hard-press to surpass it. ARMORED SAINT, it's kind of the way our career has gone. The way I see it, it's all about the quality, not the quantity, and I say that because I have to say that. It's true. I'd rather have 25, 30 years when we're all dead and gone and people look back on us and go, 'That was a cool band and they made some really cool records.' It's not like 'They made 20 records and maybe five of them were good and there's 15 bombs.' I don't want people to feel that way about ARMORED SAINT. I say that because we kind of have to do that because it's what our career has turned into. It would be cool to get out a record in less than five years. We went from 'Revelations' in 2000, to 'La Raza' in 2010. Granted, I was in ANTHRAX during that time. 'Win Hands Down' we cut in half and put it out in five. I think it's possible we can get a record out [in 2019]. The tunes so far sound killer." "Win Hands Down" was released in June 2015 via Metal Blade Records. Last summer, ARMORED SAINT completed a North American tour commemorating the band's classic "Symbol Of Salvation" album. On this special run, the group performed "Symbol Of Salvation" in its entirety, with select shows recorded for a live DVD.