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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Riff Analysis: Sarcófago – “I.N.R.I”
    So many bands have failed in continuing Sarcófago’s tradition of blasphemic and vicious black metal. Reducing the band to a set of aesthetics and confusing their minimalistic songs for dumb simplicity. I.N.R.I stands out not because of its context or its introduction of certain visual elements that would become common a few years later, but […]
  • Linie Aquavit
    Hailing from Norway, Linie Aquavit is a 41.5 % vol. aquavit distilled from grain and potatoes and flavored with a secret recipe of herbs, which possibly includes caraway, dill, anise, fennel and coriander. It owes its name on crossing the equator line (Linie) twice in order to mature. Linie Aquavit was invented in 1805, when […]
  • Riff Analysis: Unleashed – “To Asgaard We Fly”
    Unleashed had at this point released two good records that saw the band create Heavy metal songs with limited Death metal stylings and were known for possessing a particularly small set of tools which almost made their previous very repetitive. On Across the Open Sea, the band’s Magnum Opus, the band re-contextualized their previous influences […]
  • Playlist of Powerful Epic Heavy Metal
    Avast young heshling! It is time to rise up, rise again! Take hold of the flame, the crown and the ring! To guide the way and aid thee in thy quest, a powerful playlist of true heavy metal has been curated for thine journey. HEAVY METAL OR NO METAL AT ALL 1. SUMMONING: Rhûn A […]
  • Accidental Suicide – Deceased
    Accidental Suicide hail from Wisconsin and were formed at the end of the eighties and managed to release one full length in ’92 at a time where Death metal, despite its explosion still remained an underground genre as the band were quickly forgotten before finding a cult following and releasing a compilation in 2017. Accidental […]