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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Concrete Winds – Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice, 2019)
    Guest article by Belisario Here’s another album from 2019 that was probably overlooked by many, who may have found it excessively simple or tiresome at first listen. Primitive Force is the debut album by the Finnish band Concrete Winds, a brand-new act arisen from the ashes of Vorum, who disbanded two years ago. Vorum played […]
  • A Fine Day To Die Records Re-Issues Niden Div 187 Impergium And Towards Judgment
    A Fine Day to Die Records will re-issue the classic album Impergium and corresponding EP Towards Judgement by Niden Div. 187 as a limited cassette release, and is currently taking pre-orders. According to the label: Coming soon Niden Div 187 “Impergium / Towards Judgement” official release limited edition Pro-Tape 100 handnumbered copies!!! A side project […]
  • Graveland Releases “Possessed By Steel” From Hour of Ragnarok
    Pioneering and prolific black metal act Graveland announced that an official video clip for the track Possessed by Steel will appear exclusively on the D.R. Silesia YouTube channel sometime during April 14th, 2020. This track will adorn the upcoming album Hour of Ragnarok to be released in autumn of 2020. “Possessed by Steel” distinguishes itself […]
  • Animate Records Re-Issues Master Let’s Start A War
    Animate Records announced plans to re-release Master Let’s Start a War on a six-panel digipak. Attempting to mix the Master “sound” with a greater heavy metal and sludge sensibility, some of which appeared on Faith is In Season, Let’s start a War might best seen as a transition record for a band trying to find […]
  • Eucharist “Wounded and Alone” Opening Analysis
    Eucharist A Velvet Creation straddled the line between the metal of old and the “melodic death” metal that would ravage the Scandinavian scene. Intelligently the band still remained enough grit and the compositional maturity of the better genre while not being afraid to integrate an overt admiration for Iron Maiden and the occasional rhythmic tool. […]