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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Demonpalm – Demo
    Metallica’s mark on metal in both the mainstream and underground still continues to grow as every riff, drum fill,solo etc has been plagiarized. As Metallica progressed towards much tamer territories, the band did the opposite of what common sense dictated at the time. Instead of reneging their previous records, they embraced them and relished their […]
  • Projekt Records’ The Gesture of History (2019) Available For Free Download on Bandcamp
    One of the best releases of 2019 is currently available for an authorized “name your price” download for the rest of the month. The Gesture of History is an exquisite Ambient/Neo-Classical Darkwave release from Sam Rosenthal, best known as founder of the greatest label for Ambient – Projekt Records, as well as the David Lynch-approved […]
  • Mysticum – Planet Satan
    Formed in the heyday of the Norwegian Black metal movement and even rehearsing with one of main participants, Hellhammer. Mysticum never fell into the trap of copying the more popular bands and though the death of Euronymous and various issues had delayed the release of their first album, Mysticum are the first band to create […]
  • Mefitis Release Debut Album Emberdawn
    Dark metal band Mefitis have finally released the album of the decade Emberdawn. The full review can be found here. According to the band, a physical release is planned for September for those who don’t care for digital purchases. Either way it is compulsory listening for all our readers. Emberdawn by Mefitis
  • Sammath Debuts Video For “Ferocious Mortar Fire”
    Controversial war/black metal hybrid Sammath homebrewed a video for the first track from Across the Rhine is only death, “Ferocious Mortar Fire,” demonstrating the visual aesthetics of a form of ruthlessly inhuman music that sees the evil in humanity as a product of our stupidity, not religious symbolism.