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  • Ex-Manowar guitarist Karl Logan awaiting first court appearance on federal child pornography charges
    WSOC-TV reports, former Manowar guitarist Karl Logan will make his first court appearance on child pornography charges as early as Tuesday. He could be facing time in federal prison on these federal charges against him. Logan was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography on August 9th in Charlotte, NC. The ex-guitarist was charged with six […]
  • Vinnie Paul’s (Pantera/Hellyeah) Grave Marker has officially been installed
    Following the confusion after an unauthorized photo surfaced online resulting in incorrect reports, the official grave marker for the late Vinnie Paul (Pantera/Hellyeah) was officially installed earlier this morning (24th). Pantera shared an image of the grave site as both Vinnie Paul and his brother/ Pantera/Damageplan bandmate “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott are buried at the Moore […]
  • Archspire delights Philadelphia on Tech Trek IV!
    Show Review:  Archspire, Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia.  May 23, 2019 British Columbia’s Archspire has been on fire lately and their 2017 release Relentless Mutation, on Season of Mist records, has been rapidly ascending the charts on platforms like Spotify where songs like “Involuntary Doppelganger” have recently surpassed one million plays. I went to check out Archspire […]
  • Sanctuary to release new album in 2020
    The music world had a huge loss on December 13, 2017 when Warrel Dane (Sanctuary/Nevermore) passed away while recording his solo album Shadow Work. During that time, the future of his record and Sanctuary looked bleak. However, his record was posthumously released last October in his honor and the band decided to tour across North […]
  • Alexisonfire streaming new song “Complicit”
    Alexisonfire have unleashed another new single with “Complicit.” This is the second song these Canadian post-hardcore giants has released in nearly a decade as they dropped the first single, “Familiar Drugs,” back in February. Looking at the group’s recent Facebook feed, we’re hoping the band will announce a follow-up to 2009’s Old Crows / Young Cardinals. […]