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  • Former Slipknot member says he will not rejoin band
    Despite the current dispute between Chris Fehn and Slipknot, frontman Corey Taylor’s recent Q & A via Twitter has allegedly caused a bit of confusion. While the post has already been deleted, a fan asked Taylor if the group would bring back former vocalist Anders Colsefni. The great big mouth responded with “Fuck I would LOVE […]
  • Ill Niño lawsuit paints drummer Dave Chavarri in a negative light
      Earlier this year, Ill Niño erupted into a legal battle once vocalist Cristian Machado, rhythm guitarist Diego Verduzco, and guitarist Ahrue Luster had denied claims of leaving the band. Now a 53-page documentation of the lawsuit has surfaced and portrays drummer and band manager, Dave Chavarri in a negative manner. The lawsuit claims that Chavarri was […]
  • Chris Fehn’s lawsuit against Slipknot continues to unfold; Fehn would love to stay with band, lawyer says
    Based on a 14-page court document, Chris Fehn is suing Slipknot, Incorporated; Knot Merch LLC; SK Productions, LLC; SK Touring, Inc; Knot Touring LLC; Rob Shore & Associates, Inc; the group’s leaders Michael Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Corey Taylor; and band’s manager, Robert Shore for “damages and equitable relief.” According to one of Fehn’s attorney’s, […]
  • Machine Head wrapping up auditions for new members
      Last month, Machine Head revealed that they were already in the studio working on their follow up to Catharsis. Today during an Instragram live stream, frontman Robb Flynn revealed that the band is wrapping up auditions to replace former members drummer Dave McClain and guitarist Phil Demmel. The auditions are taking place at Sharkbite Studios […]
  • Pantera logo generator is far beyond addicting
      Pantera’s overall seventh studio effort, 1994’s Far Beyond Driven, turned 25 yesterday (22nd). To celebrate the platinum selling record, there’s a name generator available on the band’s website, which is similar to what other acts did such as Metallica and Judas Priest. Now, you can have your name displayed as part of the record’s […]