AO-Hell Horns!?

AO-Hell Horns!?WTF!  Are they kidding me?!  This is exactly the type of thing that I’m talking about! They’ve even been pushing a metal horns emoticon!  When a corporate giant like AO-Hell thinks that the metal horns are an acceptable image to put their stamp on and will make their image cooler by association with the metal community, something is seriously wrong!

This is why this site exists. This is the kind of exploitation and cherry picking of our beloved music form that we must rise up against!  This is the reason we’ve got to take back the com.

If this pisses you off as much as it pisses me off, let AO-Hell know how you feel. Visit their Corporate Site, call and email them and tell them to find their own damn symbol and leave ours the hell alone.
Spread the word!

Wanna really get pissed off!? Watch the video!