Dee Throwing HornsWhile the Take Back the Horn movement has gone worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of headbangers supporting and joining the mission, I am taken aback by some of our community’s inability to take this effort in the spirit it is offered.  Clearly the humor of the situation (the mainstream taking our symbol of metal solidarity in an attempt to make themselves appear more “rockin’”) is not lost on myself, or the majority of the heavy metal community, and that the spirit of the TBTH movement is fun…but with a degree of annoyance and aggravation.   Yet there are some “metallurgists” out there (albeit a very small percentage) who are actually getting angry with both the website and yours truly; lashing out with all sorts of derogatory comments and hostility.  To them I say, “Fu—I mean, why…so…serious?”  Lighten the hell up.  If you don’t want to get involved, fine, but attacking your own for trying to actually do something positive for our community…that just makes you one of  “them.” It reminds me of when I went to Washington in the 80’s to fight for Metal and against censorship.  While the most of you were incredibly supportive, there were actually metalheads who publicly attacked me for my efforts, effectively joining forces with the PMRC and those who were against the music we love.  I couldn’t believe it then, and I can’t believe it now.  Maybe I wouldn’t be your personal choice to represent heavy metal…but I didn’t see, and still don’t see anybody else lining up for the job.

Thankfully, most of you get the spirit of TBTH and have been incredibly supportive.   For that, I thank you and I ask you to help take this thing to the next level….
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